Friday, January 31, 2020

Drop Out of School Essay Example for Free

Drop Out of School Essay Today many young people do not realize the importance of an education so dropping out of school becomes an option. They just easily end up dropping from school without thinking about their future. They are thinking that their parents will support their financial daily lives, thus they do not feel worried about continuing their education. Moreover, there are several reasons that make young people decide to drop out of school some of which are getting poor grades, not getting along with teachers and/or students, or having a drug or alcohol problem. Those reasons make the young people end up by dropping from school. However, if the parent has been guiding their children well, they may be able to be solving the problem. There are no easy solutions to the school dropout problems. However, here are two ways to solve these problems; parents should encourage their children to do the right things and parent should meet with the school counselor. There are some solutions to the problem of dropping out of school. First, parents should encourage their children to do the right things, so that one day the children will become a better person and will be useful for the childrens future. For example, parents should talk with their children about how important the education is for their future; help them understand that the choices they make can seriously disrupt their future. The parent should not give up trying to make conversation with their children. Furthermore, the parent should start a conversation by asking their children how school is doing or make other conversation where both side feels comfortable with each other. In addition, by being open to one and another would give the children confident to talk about what they have been observed from school. This type of communication is sometimes hard to do but it is necessary to keep their children remain in school. Next, when a parent notices that their children want to drop out from school, the parents should follow this solution: workings with school counselors or teachers that can help their children remain in school. For instance, the parent may arrange for help by making up a schedule to meet the school counselor. The parent has to inform their children to meet with their school  counselor at least once a week to solve their children problems in the school. Especially, for children who has a problem in certain subjects which make them to think about dropping out of school. As an expert, the counselor will give advice to the young people by explaining how important education is for them on the future. Moreover, education is one of the requirements to get a better job, which they will later need for their future and for personal responsibilities. In conclusion there are many reasons why kids drop out of school. Primarily they have to do with a poor understanding of what good education is, struggling to make the grades, and due to drug problems. By maintaining good open communication with their children and seeking advices from school advisor which are preventing their children drop out from school. In the end, the parents and children can work together to keep the children remain in the school. Thus, by having good communication with their parents, teachers, or school advisor, it is important for children to realize that the adults in their lives do want them to remain in school and are willing to do a lot to make it possible. Hopefully, these tips might be helpful for parents who have problems with their children who want to drop out from school.

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