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The Client For My Behavior Change Project Essay - 1484 Words

Introduction The client for my behavior change project is my husband, Michael. I chose him for my case study because he gained 23 pounds in the last three years. I met Michael four years ago on, we got married a year later and had two babies back to back. Needless to say, it was a quite stressful experience. When I met Michael, he was 195 lbs., very athletic, going to the gym every other day, Paleo diet advocate, and practiced mindful eating. So, when the life spun out of control, that’s when he started packing on the pounds. He works as a manager in big corporate office which involves long meetings, phone calls, sitting in front of the computer and some driving. He usually skips breakfast at home, for lunch, he goes out with his colleagues to the local restaurants. Michael is a foodie, he loves eating food from different cultures, but Latin food is his favorite. South Florida is popular for its Latin cuisine with Cuban, Peruvian, Colombian, Argentinian or Mexican restaurants pra ctically on every corner. He loves chorizo, blood sausage, empanadas, chicharrones, flank steak with chimichurri, and lechon. I usually do grocery shopping myself, but when Michael ends up in the grocery store, he always comes back with Cheetos, potato chips, and ice-cream. He is a big fan of football, so every Sunday during the season, his day is spent on the couch in front of the TV, drinking beer and eating junk food. During the basketball season, he watches Heat. My daughter is turningShow MoreRelatedAssignment : Planning Engaging Stakeholders1523 Words   |  7 Pagesdirector, coworkers, clients, etc.) in your project. Agency Information: 1. Provide a brief description of your field practicum site (name, location, Agency Director, services provided and clientele served). 2. Provide the name(s) and contact information of your field instructor, task instructor (if you have one), and anyone else who regularly supervises your work in field. Engagement Planning 3. Describe your plan to engage your agency in a discussion of your evaluation project. Indicate who youRead MoreCognitive Reframing1566 Words   |  7 PagesCognitive Reframing: A Technique for Creating Change Hillary Fowler, September 5, 2011 * BSHS/322 * Amber Templain-Kuehn Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the theory that thoughts control behaviors and actions. It is the practice of teaching a client to change the way they think. In return it is believed in theory that their actions will change, behaviors will change, out looks will change. All these changes will happen without the outside influences being changed such as people, placesRead MoreEffective Practice And Social Justice1206 Words   |  5 Pagespreserving various populations’ heritage and cultural diversity. It is essential for a practicing social worker become familiar with the customs and ideologies to effectively serve a client. It is the social worker that embraces cultural diversity, who is required to build rapport and avoid unnecessary barriers with their clients. All individuals must abandon their personal biases in order to assimilate and preserve cultural diversity in the various nationalities that are comprised of a global meltingRead MoreMy Personal Statement On My Life 1694 Words   |  7 PagesI think the people who will be there in my funeral will say something about my real experiences with them which will lead them to remember and describe some of my personal values that I practiced with them. The first value will be the Christian Faith which I practiced as much I could by attending the services at the church with my family, making my daughter attending the Sunday school, participating in the project of the hunger people, attending the bible study in the church, and dealing with peopleRead MoreThe Social Of Social Justice1200 Words   |  5 Pagesincredible desire to collaborate with colleagues with similar vision to discover a solution to the concerns of the client that comprises of the social justice. Each professional helper is placed with a chosen population with an overall objective to create positive changes. Through social justice, I serve as an advocate for clients experiencing financial hardships or empower a client mistreatment in an uncaring society. Social workers can serve in a community, individually, and globally that broadensRead MorePersonal Thoughts Regarding The Views Of Human Nature And Goals Made Therapeutically As A Professional Counselor1623 Words   |  7 Pagescounselor. The paper will include a description of my therapeutic process and evaluations of other theories which I believe to share common ground with and other theories I do not agree with. The roles and duties of a counselor will be clarified. The relationship between the counselor and client will be illuminated, regarding what the relationship should consist of. There will be shared insight on what is believed to bring about changes in behavior. I believe that humanRead MoreMy Experience At A Healthcare Advertising Firm1657 Words   |  7 Pages I would like to describe my experience when I switched to a new job in India at a Healthcare advertising firm. I changed from a startup company to a corporate healthcare advertising firm and this was a big change for me. The new organization had many departments like marketing/client servicing, Creative, business development and Medical writer. I worked in the marketing department as a Medical Client servicing manager. Concrete Experience In this company my department’s progress was closelyRead MoreDoes Social Workers Improve The Quality Of Life For Clients? Essay1422 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Change in Behavior Social Workers are continuously seeking ways to improve the quality of life for clients, and they are also seeking innovative ways to empower clients to embrace change that impacts their lives positively. â€Å"The strengths perspective says that the client has the resources to overcome adversity but these resources may not be evident to the client† (Arnold, 2015). Just as social workers empower their clients to modify behaviors, the same method can be applicable to change in theRead MoreInterview On Interview Brian Wallace Essay783 Words   |  4 PagesLeader Interview Project For my Leader Interview Project, I had the great opportunity to interview Brian Wallace. Brian serves as the Reno Managing Partner of the fifth largest accounting network in the world, Grant Thornton LLP. After graduating college with a degree in accountancy, and acquiring his Certified Public Accountant license, Brian began his accounting career at Grant Thornton in 1982 and eventually became a partner in the firm in 1995. In his Grant Thornton journey, Brian has gainedRead MoreA State Of Good Mental Health Essay1662 Words   |  7 Pagesthe same for everyone. Treatment varies for each illness, as well as for individual client needs and level of severity. With the numerous choices of treatment available today, people around the world have a greater chance at not only preventing or decreasing mental illness, but also the opportunity to enhance their mental health through the public health model of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. In my opinion the ultimate characterist ic of a mental health community is to provide professional

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